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Born in the coldest place on Earth, Nick spent his formative years patrolling power lines with his grandfather. Nick won his first court of appeal case at 19 and went on to become a human rights lawyer for the European Court in Strasbourg, France. After living in a Dutch “woongroup”, investigating war crimes and inspecting mental hospitals in Central Asia, Nick chose the world of small-town Alberta and settled down as a Canadian power lawyer.

In the last decade, Nick has permitted over a hundred Canadian energy projects and one First Nations casino. As a regulatory lawyer, Nick is best at connecting projects to the grid and dealing with rates and tariffs. With his four international law degrees, Nick is also helping clients comply with sanctions, anti-corruption and money laundering rules in tough foreign markets – Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Iran, just to name a few. Nick’s international focus is on Europe and the former Soviet Union as he speaks fluent Russian and some (rusty) Dutch and French.