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Renee Matthews

The right side of Renee’s brain almost got the best of her legal career. Once headed toward a future in fine art, mingling with the painters, designers and café-society daydreamers. Instead of a lobotomy, Renee opted to bridge the gap and since then, the battle of the brain hemispheres has made her a vibrant energy lawyer in a field often painted in static shades of black and white.

With a decade of experience in the energy sector advising clients on many of the complex commercial and legal aspects of power projects and oil and gas transactions, Renee now drinks coffee for practical, not poetic reasons. Her practice includes negotiating domestic and international joint venture, joint operating and partnership arrangements, the cross-border acquisition and divestiture of energy assets, and the structuring of upstream oil and gas exploration, development, and production projects. She also assists clients with a variety of corporate/commercial matters pertaining to the development of onshore and offshore oil and gas and power projects around the world.