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Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is emerging as an important method of managing the carbon footprint of large industrial emitters. The mostsustainable version of CCS utilizes down-scaled infrastructure to constrain both capital and operating expense – it is what we refer to as the “CCS Distribution Model”. This development model of CCS is our speciality.

CCS projects present a complicated combination of geological, technical, commercial, financing, regulatory, joint venture and legal risk issues. These risks sit at the intersection of the petroleum, gas, power, pipeline and utility industries and first nations’ interests – each with its own commercial drivers.

Our unique inter-disciplinary platform of integrated legal, geology, commercial, project finance and economics professionals provides a seamless package with all the skills required to support CCS projects. Whether you are looking to develop a CCS project or price your carbon credits, we are the full toolbox – not just a hammer.

* Legal services are provided by CITO Energy Law LLP, with pure commercial support is provided by CITO Acumen Energy Advisory Inc. and our strategic associates Angara Energy Partners, Helicon Industrial and V.V. Roa. When the mandates are combined, CITO Energy Law LLP retains those commercial advisors as a disbursement.