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Helium is largely irreplaceable commodity in a rapidly evolving, high value market. It is a nascent industry in Western Canada. This growth is driven by increasing demand for the global semi-conductor manufacturing, aerospace, cooling and research industries. This increase comes in the face of progressive long-to-medium term supply constraints created by the dismantling of the US Federal helium reserve, economic sanctions against Russia and unplanned plant closures. Developing value in the Helium space requires very specific expertise.

CITO Helium has assembled that experience in a unique multi-disciplinary package covering the breadth of technical, commercial, subsurface, marketing and legal services – each vital to success. From exploration and exploitation, through collection and refinement, to marketing and distribution, our combined professional skills allow us to identify and capture opportunities throughout the Helium value chain.

* Legal services are provided by CITO Energy Law LLP, with pure commercial support is provided by CITO Acumen Energy Advisory Inc. and our strategic associates Angara Energy Partners, Helicon Industrial and V.V. Roa. When the mandates are combined, CITO Energy Law LLP retains those commercial advisors as a disbursement.