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International Energy Projects

Emerging markets are tough. They present hidden risks that cannot be managed with one skill alone. Our combined legal, commercial and technical skills help energy companies find, negotiate and paper international deals. CITO is a unique evolution on the traditional one-dimensional approach to client service.

We have global street smarts from living in Kuwait, Russia Egypt, Peru Netherlands, Norway, and Kazakhstan – experience you cannot learn from a book. We speak 8 languages and have worked on projects in over 100 countries.

Our offering includes new country entries, asset/farmout sale marketing, unitizations, joint ventures, EPC contracts, commodity sales agreements, commercial agreements, international tax structuring and reorganizations, with the support of foreign investment, sanctions, anti-corruption, and anti-money laundering rules.

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* Legal services are provided by CITO Energy Law LLP, while CITO Acumen Inc. provides pure commercial support. When the mandates are combined, CITO Energy Law LLP retains advisors from CITO Acumen Inc. as a disbursement.