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LNG projects are unique and complicated. The risk management of those projects requires a careful balance of commercial, legal and technical skills; proficiencies that are typically rare and expensive.

CITO specializes in the integration of these services into a single, coordinated package. This offering is unique and tailored to the needs of each client.

With presences in Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore and Athens, our team has first rate experience with: LNG supply tenders, project development support (including commercial and economics support), maritime EPC support, project finance support and project management support.

* Legal services are provided by CITO Energy Law LLP, with pure commercial support is provided by CITO Acumen Energy Advisory Inc. and our strategic associates Angara Energy Partners, Helicon Industrial and V.V. Roa. When the mandates are combined, CITO Energy Law LLP retains those commercial advisors as a disbursement.