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Power Projects

At CITO, we have permitted and energized over 100 power projects in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We have also done work north of 60˚. We know (and love) these complex energy markets like the back of our hand.

We understand and practice in all three dimensions of power – generation, transmission and distribution, both from the facility and rate perspective. Our true expertise lies in grid connection and complex rates and tariffs, which are both central to the economic viability of power projects. We help you connect projects to the grid faster and save on tariffs.

We offer a fixed-fee power package, which includes full project coverage from siting, environmental, public engagement, aboriginal consultation to regulatory and commercial structures. Our combined package helps you connect to the grid at a fraction of the cost of your competition.

No more billable hours – CITO’s adaptive cost model can save clients 50% on their legal bills, which is a key to power project bankability and increased netbacks.

Beyond our leading expertise in grid connections and tariffs, CITO advises on a broad range of Power sector mandates, including geothermal projects, gas-topower and co-gen projects, solar projects, behind-the-fence (BtF) and industrial system designations (ISDs), rural energy association (REA) matters, power
purchase agreements (PPAs), and cutting-edge hydrogen power technology. Our unique inter-disciplinary platform of integrated legal, geology, commercial, project finance and economics professionals help clients get their power projects online more efficiently and cost-effectively.