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Power Projects

At CITO Energy, we have helped clients permit, build and energize over 100 power projects in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We have also done work north of 60˚. We know these complex power markets like the back of our hand.

We are deeply knowledgeable of all three areas of the Power Sector – generation, transmission and distribution – which allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive, contextual legal advice. In particular, our lawyers have substantial experience with the grid connection process and with navigating the rules around rates and tariffs, both of which are critical to the economic viability of power projects.

We are also engaged on the commercial side, advising clients on the development of both traditional and renewable power and energy projects, including carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), geothermal, solar, district energy, behind-the-fence and ISD projects, energy storage, and hydrogen technology.

CITO Energy’s interdisciplinary platform, which combines legal, regulatory, commercial, project finance, and project economics skill sets, as well as the technical expertise of geology and engineering professionals, allows our clients to develop and connect their power projects to the grid more efficiently and cost-effectively.

* Legal services are provided by CITO Energy Law LLP, with pure commercial support is provided by CITO Acumen Energy Advisory Inc. and our strategic associates Angara Energy Partners, Helicon Industrial and V.V. Roa. When the mandates are combined, CITO Energy Law LLP retains those commercial advisors as a disbursement.