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CITO Treble

Business is drastically changing. ESG compliance, data capture and analytics, process digitization, and workflow automation are propelling companies into a new decade of competitive advantage. With investment dollars pivoting toward green, renewable and alternative energy initiatives, a wave of projects is coming that will make the next ten years the Decade of the Project. Successful project execution will depend increasingly upon the adoption of sophisticated digitization and workflow automation technologies that mitigates supply chain management (SCM) risk.

Current SCM systems are just not up to the task.

Most of today’s software products focus solely on the SCM aspect of project execution – with no integration of legal services that are essential to hedge overall project risk. Nor do these product offerings integrate with financial software.  With limited (and primitive) IT functionality, they leave the company’s critical project information siloed, inaccessible, and lost across multiple platforms including individual emails, computers, and storage folders.  There is little opportunity for meaningful data aggregation or consolidation, real-time analysis, or informational learning.

Enter CITO Treble. CITO Treble is a cutting-edge, user-friendly IT platform for Projects, developed in conjuction with our software partner Query-It, that innovatively combines SCM, legal and contract administration functions to manage the entire Project life cycle.

CITO Treble does three critical things to save money, limit risk and enhance your information control:

Standardize SCM policies and procedures to:

  • Automate your procurement, legal and contract administration workflows
  • Reduce your procurement, legal and contract administration staffing costs
  • Systematize your corporate SCM, legal and contract administration risk profiles

Capture Project data to:

  • Eliminate “data blackholes” created by your staffs’ use of email and localized storage
  • Give senior management Project oversight dashboard
  •  Aggregate, organize and analyze your Project data

Mitigate Project risk by:

  • Actively managing corporate tax and audit threat
  • Reducing inventory theft and loss with real-time global SCM tracking
  • Ensuring maintenance and access of corporate memory
  • Securing competitive corporate information in a centralized, cloud-based repository