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Cito at Canadian Global Energy Forum
Webinar – Helium Exploration and Production: A Vital Emerging Industry

Global helium prices have increased significantly in the past number of years. To supply this critical gas which is used in many industries, helium exploration has exploded in Canada. This webinar will review the background uses of helium and the future of helium exploration in Canada and beyond.

It is no secret that the traditional oil and gas industry is facing wholesale change with Energy Transition. While most of these changes focus on the reduction of CO2 in the energy chain, some of the changes point to opportunities in entirely different industries. Helium is one of those opportunities.

Join us for an overview of the Helium industry, both domestic and international. Dr. David Johnson, President of Imperial Helium Corp. will explain the industry’s history, the nature of the resource and the commercial factors involved in running Helium projects. He will be joined by Tony Cioni, Co-Founder of CITO Energy Group, who will cover some of the legal and commercial challenges with Helium development projects, as well as a view into the geopolitics of the Helium business.